The long sleep

awake suddenly eyes filled

with sleep, disguised as caring, stress

and incomplete actions

I rebound full of vitamin D

and love for her

and confidence in the future

the itch distracting yet a

constant reminder

of my inadequacies


dear heart

how are you

behind the wall

jagged unervving


stone wall

built by memories

hardened yet

soft it waits

yet repells

any chance

at love



but a breath away

never afraid of


never afraid

I love my short

curly mop of hair

laced with grey

I love my curvy

muscular healthy

body with all its


I embrace my

laugh lines and

all the things

society holds in

never ending

disdain, daring

us to age

without regret


suddenly, bright evervesant

eyes glowing full of life

even in the ones I usually shun

I find solace in companionship

the story the stake the claim

all of interest suddenly

the intensity of life quietly

overwhelms us all

so we hide stacking our

worth heavy on our souls

for all to see, a prize of sorts

a sad prize, meaningless


do eyes see

do you see me
imperative for me
yet improbable

I dance the dance
around mediocrity
drowning in apathy

I appear forthcoming
inquisitive to you
because I must

I crave freedom
this imagined freedom
a clever guise

surrounded by others
I sit alone
waiting for something