jazz slang poem; cool like the night

I slide into the Jazz gig
mad keen on getting zoomed
the darkness was zippy
and littered with zombies;
my cool instincts picked
out one abstract oolie droolie
who tossed me all abroad

Some slugs in the can tried
tempting me with an a-bomb
instead I scoot and madcap back
to his view and sling musical,
the trumpet sounds feel
ever so cockhanded but the cool
old dude on the drums really gives

I tempt Mr. Slingshot with a 
practised eyebrow and edge in
like the cadger I am then
sit sly behind baccy, swirling
smoke ever so seductively
envisioning madcap flag a cab
stretch out tuning my ear

The night renders hopeless
all the juice leaves me spoony
and his guns and talk seem at once
all madam and cagey, a messy attic
and I now crave zizz more than zowie;
planting a wet one on soon to be
forgotten the horn drifts me
home and I ponder before I crash
and burn; this just wasnt my baby


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